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Hexcel Corporation congratulates Airbus on the first flight of the A350 XWB that began with a take-off from Toulouse this morning and a perfect landing four hours later. The A350 XWB is the first Airbus aircraft with a structure that is over 50% advanced composite materials, making a huge contribution to the weight-saving, performance and fuel efficiency of the aircraft. Hexcel is a major supplier of advanced materials for the composite structures on the aircraft.

“Speaking for the entire Hexcel organization, I congratulate Airbus and its team of dedicated employees on their achievement today,” said Dave Berges, Hexcel Chairman and CEO. “We are proud to be a partner-supplier to Airbus and its many component manufacturers and to have Hexcel advanced materials incorporated into almost every structural part of the A350 XWB.

“Our HexPly® M21E/IMA carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg is used to manufacture the fuselage panels, keel beam, wing (covers, spars and center wing-box), and the empennage (tail, horizontal stabilizer and rudder). The A350 XWB lower wing cover is the biggest single civil aviation part ever made from carbon fiber, measuring 32 meters long. This has truly been an international effort involving Hexcel, Airbus and component supplier employees worldwide including those in Hexcel facilities in France, Germany, Spain, the UK and USA.”

For more information on the A350 XWB first flight visit the Airbus website at: www.a350xwb.com


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14 June 2013