Matrix and Fibre Parameters
Matrix Type    
Matrix Choice  
Fibre / Fabric Type  
Fibre Areal Weight g/m2  
Resin Content % by weight
Select resin content closest to that
desired, view summary to see the
range of resin contents
Matrix and Fibre Results Options
Cured Ply Thickness   mm
Fibre Volume %  
Composite Density g/cm3  
Bleed Ply Parameters
Target Fibre Volume %  
Number of Composite Plies  
Bleed Ply Results
Number of Bleed Plies
(120 style glass cloth)  
Number of Bleed Plies
(7781-style glasscloth) PLUS (120-style glasscloth)
These are nominal calculated values, intended to give a guide as to the typical physical properties that can be achieved.