Hexcel Dagneux

Dagneux, France

Dagneux is located near Lyon, capital of Gaul in Roman times and a major center of culture and commerce during the Renaissance. Situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Rhone and the Saone, Lyon was a major area for industrial growth in the 19th century - the capital of silk production and gastronomy. Since then Lyon has become an important metropolis, situated at the crossroads of Europe and is the second largest city in France. 

Hexcel's site at Dagneux was established in 1974 and today comprises manufacturing, sales, administration and R&T. The plant manufactures a wide range of prepregs using epoxy, phenolic and BMI resin formulations. HexMC® and RTM resin systems are also manufactured at Dagneux. 

Key applications for products made at Hexcel's Dagneux facility include commercial aircraft primary and secondary structures, defense aircraft and helicopters. Dagneux products are also used for non-aerospace applications in the automotive, marine and rail industries.

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Hexcel Composites SASU
45 rue de la Plaine CS 10027 01126
Dagneux Cedex
Phone +33 4 72 25 26 27
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