Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah The setting at Salt Lake City is dramatic; two mountain ranges dominate the landscape: the Wasatch Mountain Range at 11,500 ft and the Oquirrh Mountains at 9,500 ft. The Great Salt Lake itself - a huge salt water lake 48 miles by 90 miles - is also a unique feature, with water that is twice as salty as the ocean.

Hexcel's plant has had a presence in Salt Lake City since 1913.  It began producing carbon fiber in 1970 and prepreg tape in 1971.  Today the facility comprises five buildings, a raw material receiving warehouse and a material testing laboratory.


Hexcel's Salt Lake City plant manufactures carbon fibers and hot melt prepregs with both woven and unidirectional reinforcements.  The plant also produces epoxy resins, adhesive films and solvated fabrics which are supplied to Hexcel's Casa Grande plant where they are converted into core materials.


Key applications for products made at Hexcel's Salt Lake City plant are commercial aerospace primary and secondary structures, helicopters, defense aircraft, satellites and sporting equipment. 

Hexcel Salt Lake City
6700 West 5400 South
West Valley City, UT 84118-7678
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