Seguin, Texas

Seguin, Texas Seguin, in south-central Texas, is just a two-hour drive from four large cities within the Lone Star State: San Antonio is 30 miles to the west; Austin is 50 miles north; Houston is 160 miles east; and Corpus Christi is 150 miles to the south.  Seguin had its formal start in 1836, when Mathew Caldwell and his volunteer band of Gonzales Rangers arrived and named the town Walnut Springs.  The name was quickly changed six months later to honor Colonel Juan Seguin, a hero in Sam Houston’s army for state independence.

Hexcel's Seguin plant was originally built in 1954 and has experienced significant growth over the years. Initially producing 10,000 yards per week, Seguin today produces 220,000 yards per week.

Seguin is a leader in diversified product development and produces reinforcements for composites using glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramids and specialty yarns.


Customers for Seguin products are in a wide range of markets including aerospace, automotive, recreation and industrial.

Hexcel Seguin
1913 N. King Street
Seguin, TX 78155
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