Hexcel Neumarkt

Neumarkt, Austria

Neumarkt is a municipality in the district of Grieskirchen in Upper Austria, located 50 kilometres west of Linz. Surrounded by pleasant hilly countryside and not far from the mountains, Neumarkt is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoor life - trekking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Hexcel’s site at Neumarkt was established in the late 1940s to manufacture adhesives before moving on to focus on composite materials. Today Hexcel's Neumarkt site is a major manufacturer of epoxy prepregs reinforced with glass and carbon-fibers. Other products manufactured at the facility include HexFit®, SuperCap™ and other fiber-reinforced matrix materials - also glass fiber/epoxy laminates and polyurethane formulations. Key applications for products made at Hexcel's Neumarkt plant are wind turbine blades and sports equipment (especially skis and snowboards).

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Hexcel Composites GmbH & Co KG
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