Achim Fischereder of Hexcel to Present Multi-Material Solutions for High Volume Automotive Applications at Insight @ Alfa Romeo 2017

Hexcel Automotive Product Manager Achim Fischereder will present “Multi-Material Solutions for High Volume Applications in the Automotive Industry” at the Insight @ Alfa Romeo conference in Cassino, Italy on November 7-8.

Lightweighting is a key technology driver for automotive OEMs seeking to improve fuel economy and enhance vehicle performance. When weight saving is required alongside the acceleration of mass, fiber-reinforced composites are the materials of choice. Compared to traditional metal solutions, the cost of composite materials is relatively high so it is advisable to use them only where they can bring the most benefit. An efficient way to achieve this is with a hybrid design in which metal parts are locally reinforced with composite material solutions, combining the best properties of both material types.

However, employing this hybrid design concept in a high volume manufacturing environment creates several challenges including meeting cycle time requirements, achieving e-coating compatibility, overcoming thermal expansion differences, achieving load transfer between interfaces, and avoiding galvanic corrosion.

At the Insight @Alfa Romeo conference, Mr. Fischereder will present composite material solutions for hybrid designs that address some of these challenges and demonstrate a potential path toward high volume production. This includes an alternative joining concept that enables weight-optimized complex components to be produced with improved mechanical properties using Hexcel’s innovative film adhesive for high volume automotive production.

Insight @Alfa Romeo is organized by Automotive Circle to bring together automotive engineers as well as materials suppliers and other interested parties in development, pre-development, planning, design and production. The focus of the event is intelligent body and manufacturing engineering solutions that combine innovative material mix, efficient lightweight design and production flexibility.

Mr. Fischereder holds a doctorate degree in applied chemistry after studying at Graz University of Technology and CNEA Buenos Aires. During his career at Hexcel, he has led the development and industrialization of novel prepreg manufacturing technologies. He currently coordinates Hexcel’s global automotive product range, which includes identifying and introducing new material solutions to meet future automotive market needs and leading key customer projects focused on the adoption and industrialization of composite solutions for automotive parts.

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