Hexcel Returns to CAMX 2021 to Promote the Latest in Innovative Advanced Composite Materials

STAMFORD, Conn., October 18, 2021 – After a year of cancelled shows, CAMX 2021 is returning in-person October 19-21 in Dallas, TX and Hexcel will be exhibiting (Booth U13) to promote its latest advanced composite materials innovations and once again meet face-to-face with show visitors.

HexTow® Unsized Fibers for Thermoplastics

Hexcel is the recognized leader in supplying high-performance unsized carbon fibers for optimized performance in thermoplastic matrices. HexTow® unsized carbon fibers are unique in their processing, which makes it possible to handle them without sizing and allows for optimal bonding with thermoplastics. This wide portfolio of unsized fibers opens many avenues to implementing thermoplastics in aerospace designs and structural components. HexTow® unsized carbon fibers are already baselined and qualified on multiple applications with major OEMs.

Thermoplastics and Processing Innovations for Primary and Secondary Structures

Hexcel will present its latest thermoplastic (TP) UD tape materials and processing innovations for aerospace and space & defense primary and secondary structures. Hexcel continues to expand its strategic alliance with Arkema at a joint research laboratory where the two companies are speeding up the material development and customization of UD tape suitable for oven consolidation, welding and full in situ processes. There will be an Airload Rib demonstrator on display at CAMX that was constructed using these breakthrough thermoplastic UD tape materials.

HexAM® Additive Manufacturing for 3D-printed Parts 

Additive manufacturing is on the forefront of innovation for composite technologies, and Hexcel is leading the way with its HexAM® additive manufacturing process. HexAM® additive manufacturing combines high-performance PEKK thermoplastics with carbon fiber to produce flight-ready 3D printed HexPEKK® parts. HexPEKK® structures offer significant weight, cost and time-to-market reductions, replacing traditional cast or machined metallic parts in highly demanding aerospace, satellite and defense applications. HexPEKK® parts have recently been selected for a long-term contract on the Boeing 777X program and qualified for flight across the Boeing platforms.

HexWeb® Engineered Core 

Hexcel is well known for its range of weight-saving, stiffness-enhancing honeycombs within a range of engineered core solutions that enable highly contoured parts with precision profiling to be produced to exacting customer specifications. Hexcel will showcase two new versions of its Flex-Core®; honeycomb configuration, demonstrating noise reduction and structural solutions for highly contoured applications.

HexPly® M77 Snap-Cure Prepregs 

HexPly® M77 snap-cure prepregs are yet another example of Hexcel technology is HexPly® M77HF, the latest member of this quick-curing prepreg family. It is revolutionizing the world of composites for high-performance sporting goods with its faster production times and excellent surface quality. It will be featured in the Hexcel booth in a carbon fiber Goode water ski which is setting records in the competitive world with its precision and durability.

ARC Technologies Interference Control

Among Hexcel’s latest technologies are RF Interference Control materials made by ARC Technologies, a Hexcel company. A selection of these industry-leading custom RF / EMI and microwave absorbing composite materials for military, aerospace and industrial applications will be on display at the Hexcel booth.

HexForce® and Primetex® Woven Reinforcements

HexForce® bias weave woven reinforcements are a patented solution to optimize material usage. These bias weave reinforcements are continuous rolls of carbon fiber fabric in which the warp and weft yarns are oriented on the bias at +/- 45° which can reduce prepreg waste up to 60%. Visitors at CAMX will be able to see this new woven reinforcement as well as demonstrators of Hexcel’s PrimeTex® reinforcement material which spreads fiber tows in a woven reinforcement to cover more area thus reducing the need for extra plies and the aerial weight of finished components while achieving better surface qualities.

 Latest Generation of HexFlow® Resins and HiTape® and HiMax® Reinforcements for OOA Processing

Hexcel’s latest HexFlow® resins, HiTape® dry UD tapes and HiMax® carbon reinforcements have been developed to meet aerospace OEM cycle time and cost reduction targets associated with the production rate increases planned for future aircraft programs. HexFlow® resins are specialty matrix systems for out-of-autoclave (OOA) processes such as vacuum infusion and resin transfer molding of aerospace primary structures. These next-generation formulations combined with HiTape® and HiMax® deliver impressive dry, and hot/wet mechanical properties, with adjustable processing time windows to fit all Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) applications.

HexPly® XF Surfacing Technology

HexPly® XF is a lightweight, non-woven, semi-preg, epoxy resin material that replaces traditional in-mold gelcoats used in the manufacture of composite components such as wind turbine blades. For the end-customer, it is an innovative surface technology that removes the need for gelcoat and the time-consuming refinishing work typically required to obtain a paint-ready surface. HexPly® XF surfacing technology reduces costs and produces lighter, more consistent parts with shorter cycle times and a cleaner working environment.


About Hexcel

Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials including carbon fibers, specialty reinforcements, prepregs and other fiber-reinforced matrix materials, honeycomb, adhesives, engineered core and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications.


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