HexWeb® Honeycombs

HexWeb® honeycombs - providing exceptional stiffness and strength with little added weight for aerospace and industry
Honeycomb is a lightweight core material which is available in a variety of cell sizes and densities, providing a wide range of mechanical and thermal properties. HexWeb® honeycomb provides a unique structure made from a wide variety of web materials including thermoplastic, fiberglass, carbon, aluminum and aramid mechanical papers.

Hexcel provides the largest variety of structural honeycomb to the aerospace industry. Today we produce over 700 varieties with new versions being continually developed to meet customer demands. Honeycomb is an outstanding core material for sandwich structures and an efficient energy absorber. It is also used for airflow control, sound attenuation and dielectric applications.

Hexcel makes honeycomb using a number of different production processes including the expansion method and the corrugated process. HexWeb® Honeycombs These manufacturing methods enable us to offer a range of cell configurations to meet different requirements for formability, flexibility, energy absorption and strength.

HexWeb® Honeycomb Recent Developments:

  • HexWeb® HRP-C fiberglass core for aircraft nacelle applications
  • HexWeb® HDC-F heavy density fiberglass for potting replacement in honeycomb sandwich panels
  • Other HexWeb® Honeycomb key products