Hexcel Advanced Composites, Essential for Automotive

As part of National Composites Week, Hexcel highlights the essential role advanced composites have earned within the Automotive industry.

In the automotive world, weight reduction is critical to meet public demand for better gas mileage and fewer emissions without sacrificing horsepower and performance. Hexcel’s advanced composite materials for the automotive industry are ideal as manufacturers meet these demands. They function similarly to their traditional counterparts yet surpass their abilities in lightweighting, strength, and durability.

Typically, almost 70% of a car’s components are produced using metals such as aluminum, iron, or steel, which can be more than twice as heavy as a composite material. Replacing steel with carbon fiber alternatives, for example, can reduce weight by five times as well as reduce fuel consumption by up to 24%.

Hexcel provides advanced composite materials from the main structure of a vehicle to the body and interior. Not only do these composites provide superior lightweighting, durability, and strength, they also improve the vehicle’s aesthetics thanks to their patterned appearance and ability to conform to any shape.

“Hexcel’s high-performance composite materials contribute to vehicle weight reduction, greater fatigue resistance, and reduced corrosion, providing energy savings and increased performance.” – Clint Goolsbay, Technical Sales Development Manager. 

Our unrivaled range of products for automotive applications include: