PrimeTex Fabric Texture


PrimeTex® is a range of carbon fabrics which have been processed for a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance. The fiber tows are spread in both the warp and weft direction for unique aesthetic appeal. PrimeTex® fabrics are more uniform as the filaments in each tow are spread out creating a thinner and more closely woven fabric that provides better mechanicals and less porosity in a composite. It can also be used to lower the mass in a composite where lighter weight is the key characteristic. 

  • Patented technology with fibers spread in both the warp and weft direction
  • PrimeTex® spreading process improves closure factor compared to conventional weaving process (depending on carbon tow and Fabric Areal Weight)
  • Use of higher K tow for a given Fabric Areal Weight (FAW)
  • Weight saving: Up to 20% at affordable cost when replacing HS3K by IM12K
  • Uniform weave and gap-free structure: porosity reduced / less labor for part finishing
  • Excellent water tightness when used in honeycomb sandwich structures
  • Laminate mechanical properties maintained after spreading process with reduced variability thanks to homogenous resin/fiber distribution

prime tex

Typical Applications:

  • Aircraft and helicopter sandwich structures and thin monolithic parts
  • UAV/Light Aircraft market targeted by cost to weight
  • Automotive structures (e.g. BMW roof)
  • Sports equipment (e.g. skis)

Interview with Bruno Bolzinger, Reinforcements Marketing Manager at Hexcel: PrimeTex® Gap Free Carbon Fiber Reinforcements – Revolutionizing Composites for Aerospace, Automotive and Sports

Enhanced Performance

Radar chart of PrimeTex performance

285 gsm, 2x2 Twill HS 6K -  M21/40%/285 gsm, 2x2 Twill AS4C 6K

PrimeTex 98 gms AS4K

98 gsm - HexTow® AS4 3K

43098: 98 gsm - HexTow AS4 3K

PrimeTex cost reduction

HexForce vs PrimeTex Micrograph

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