Wave-X Sheets

Wave-X™ Sheets

Wave-X™ sheets are available in thicknesses of 0.005″ to 0.040″ and can be formed, cut, and stacked.


Ultra thin EMI/RF absorber solutions across a wide range of applications

Product Overview

  • Designed to suppress EMI and RFI at the source of radiation
  • Very thin, flexible material
  • Ultra High permeability
  • Used when space is limited
  • Maximum near field performance (UHF to Millimeter wave)
  • Converted to your drawing specifications
  • Easily applied

Why Wave-X is Effective
Wave-X is an effective and reliable solution for EMI and SAR suppression due to its unique formulation. Beginning with our specialized Wave-X fillers, we use the most advanced metallurgical processes, creating highly permeable materials that are precisely designed to disrupt and absorb EMI interference.

When to Use

  • EMI and signal integrity improvement in the 10MHz to 10GHz range
  • Near-field applications
  • Enclosures, lids, boards, cables and assemblies
  • Reduce noise and crosstalk within mobile electronics
  • Reduce crosstalk and EMI on ribbon and flexible cables
  • Reduction of radiated IC noise
  • Apply Wave-X directly to the noisy IC
  • Dampening of radiation and oscillations inside shields and cavities
  • Increase signal integrity on high speed data lines by reducing crosstalk and traveling waves
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