Prepreg Preforms for Compression Molding

High-volume prepreg preform manufacture has begun with Hexcel leading the way.

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Prepreg preform manufacture used to be considered a labor intensive, manual and time-consuming process. This has now changed.

Hexcel has developed and installed a fully automated preform manufacturing process, giving full design flexibility regarding ply weights, orientation and contours. The line concept also allows additional materials such as adhesive to be integrated into the process. The preform design can be precisely tailored to the intended customer application.

A production rate of 1 minute per preform is achievable, supporting high volume production. To ensure the highest quality standards camera based automated quality controls are implemented throughout the whole line.

Key Facts:

  • 3kg/min throughput
  • Tack free resin allows poly film free process
  • ±1mm contouring accuracy

KPC securing

  • Automated and fully integrated quality control
  • Resin mixing and impregnation are done by the supplier
  • High reproducibility and repeatability due to prepregging process