Commercial Aircraft

Hexcel has the greatest number of aerospace qualified products of any composite materials manufacturer worldwide.

Hexcel’s composite materials bring great benefits to aircraft design. To save weight and reduce fuel consumption, increase payload, extend flight range, enhance toughness and durability, optimize design, reduce part count, decrease maintenance cost and maximize passenger comfort and safety. The improvement in fatigue performance with carbon fiber reinforced prepregs (CFRP) compared to aluminum is also a major benefit.

More than 50% of the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350 XWB airframes are carbon fiber composite. Hexcel is a major supplier of materials to both programs and was awarded the contract by Airbus to supply the primary structure prepreg, with Hexcel carbon fiber, for the A350 XWB program. 

Hexcel is a major supplier of composites for primary and secondary structures, aircraft interiors – and a leader in composites for new generation engines. 

With a spirit of innovation that has gone from strength to strength for more than 65 years, Hexcel continues to push the performance boundaries for aircraft designers with IM carbon fiber, toughened epoxy resins, out-of-autoclave curing prepregs, noise-reducing honeycombs and value-added composite parts.

  • Carbon Fibers HS, IM or HM
  • Carbon, Glass, Aramid and Other Fibers Woven Fabrics
  • Prepregs
  • Adhesives
  • High performance HiTape® and HiMax™ dry carbon reinforcement and liquid resins for structures made by infusion technologies (out-of-autoclave)
  • Honeycombs and Engineered Core Composite Structures, including Acousti-Cap®
  • Moulding compound : HexTool® for tooling, and HexMC® for aircraft parts

Aerospace Resources


  • HexTow® Carbon Fiber Selector Guide
  • HexPly® Prepregs and HexForce® Reinforcements for Aerospace
  • Redux® Adhesives Selector Guide
  • HexForce® US fabrics handbook


  • Prepreg Technology
  • Direct Processes Technology Manual
  • Composite Repair
  • Redux® Bonding Technology
  • HexWeb® Honeycomb Attributes and Properties
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Design Technology
  • Sandwich Panel Fabrication Technology
  • HexTool®


  • HexWeb® Acousti-Cap®
  • HexWeb® Engineered Core


  • Carbon Fibers
  • Reinforcements - U.S. range
  • Reinforcements - EU & U.S. range
  • Prepregs
  • Infusion Resins
  • Honeycombs
  • Engineered Core and Acousti-Cap®