Summer Sports

Hexcel’s leading edge technology and advanced structural materials have played a key role in the evolution of sports and recreation equipment, providing lightness, stiffness and strength. From performance bikes to tennis racquets, golf shafts, fishing rods and surfboards, Hexcel is proud to supply the “top of the range” with cutting edge materials that provide amateurs and professionals with the performance edge.

Our product range includes HexTow® carbon fibers, HexForce® reinforcement fabrics, HexPly® prepregs and HexMC® carbon fiber/epoxy molding material for series production of component parts.

JEC award-winning Corima Aero+MCC bike wheel

IBike WheelHexcel customer Corima S.A. won a JEC 2010 innovation award for a new concept all-carbon fiber bike wheel.  The AERO+ MCC is a 100% carbon fiber wheel for road bikes produced using a complete composite process. The wheel rim is made of HexPly® UD prepreg and Primetex® taffeta weave carbon fabrics that are wrapped around a PU foam core. The hub and spokes are also made from carbon fiber prepreg. Some of the components are over-molded and others are adhesively bonded using structural epoxy adhesive. The result is a very high performance wheel that weighs in at only 1,000 grams for a pair.

The low density of carbon fiber in the HexPly® prepreg is a significant advantage, ensuring accurate weight distribution and providing a very light rim with good rotation inertia. Very high levels of stiffness are achieved, enhancing performance and the mechanical properties of the UD carbon prepreg make it possible to use only 12 spokes for both the front and rear wheels, making this a unique aerodynamic design.

The Aero+ MCC took two and a half years to develop and was launched onto the market in May 2010.  Hexcel and Corima have worked in partnership for over 20 years and Corima has benefited from Hexcel’s experience in carbon fiber, weaving technologies and prepregs to develop groundbreaking solutions in composites for high performance bikes.

Winter Sports

Hexcel’s involvement in sports equipment began back in 1971 when the company brought a number of materials and technologies together to produce the Hexcel brand of snow skis. The fast lightweight durable skis quickly became a status symbol on slopes the world over. Hexcel no longer manufactures skis, but we are “the strength within” all leading brands of skis and snowboards on the market today. Other winter sports applications include ice hockey sticks and bobsleighs.

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Alpine and Cross-Country Skis

Hexcel has developed a special range of composite materials to meet the requirements for alpine and cross-country skis.  In our well-equipped laboratories, we continue to extend and improve our optimized range of prepregs, laminates, polyurethane formulations and honeycombs to meet the latest requirements of the world's leading ski manufacturers. We stay ahead of the competition with our complete product package, our commitment to customer service and our technical support back-up. We ensure that the best products are selected for each new program and advise on the most efficient processing method for a particular design. 


It is no coincidence that the design and development of snowboards has coincided with advances in composite materials technology. Snowboard manufacturers have readily acknowledged the benefits that composites provide, and Hexcel has supported them by developing an optimized range of prepregs, laminates, polyurethane formulations and honeycombs to meet the requirements. A high percentage of the snowboards in the world today contain Hexcel materials. Your priority may be to manufacture the ultimate in light, stiff, technologically advanced snowboards, or you may wish to achieve a very high production rate and low cost product. Whatever your aim, Hexcel has the composites expertise, with fully equipped development laboratories and technical support back-up, to help you to succeed.

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