Composite Repair

Prepreg repair solutions for aerospace structures

HexPly® M20 Prepreg for Composite Repair

In the early 1990s, Hexcel was asked by the newly formed Composite Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC) to develop a prepreg repair solution for Aerospace structures. Hexcel proposed an epoxy prepreg with a high-temperature performance from a low energy cure cycle. HexPly® M20 prepreg cures at 130°C (265°F) to form a tough, high temperature resistant fiber-reinforced composite.

Compared to wet lay-up repair systems, prepreg provides a cleaner, more efficient, and controllable process.

Through the CACRC qualifications, HexPly® M20 offers a harmonized product across multiple OEMs for airlines to purchase and stock for all their fleet repair needs.


Hexcel can support direct materials supply at the MOQ level. For requirements lower than MOQ, materials are available through the approved repair distribution outlets:

Composite Distribution, BP 30044 01120 Dagneux, (France)
Contact: Patrick Renard; Tel: + 33(0)4 72 25 26 86

HEATCON® Composite Systems, 480 Andover Park East, Seattle, WA 98188
Contact: Clint Millett; Tel: 206-575-1333